Go up to the Mountain

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IF MY PEOPLE (song)    Music     D. Carroll (Miriam)


              Beauty on the Mountains     Isaiah 52:7-10


 How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet.

Feet that bring good news,
Publishing peace and good tidings.

Salvation from Zion, “God reigns!”

B* F C Thy watchmen shall lift up their voice
and with voice together will sing.
Cm F They shall see eye to eye
and the Lord shall bring them again to Zion

Dm Gm

Break forth unto joy, sing together, Jerusalem

For the Lord has comforted his people

The Lord lay bare his holy arm  in the sight of all the nations,
and all shall see from the ends of the earth

B* F C Thy watchmen shall lift up their voices;
with voice together will sing.
Cm F They shall see eye to eye
and the Lord shall bring them again to Zion


CM F How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet. Feet that bring good news

They shall see eye to eye and the Lord shall bring them again to Zion

They shall see eye to eye x 2

Music D. Charters/Carroll 


I have a varied background. I was raised  in a creative family as a nominal Christian. As an Adult, l joined a Christian community, living there for a few years. We were all mostly high Anglican and Catholic but I also found myself with protestant Christians of various denominations.  Music was big in influencing and sustaining my faith in God. My attitude and beliefs around Scriptures influence how I view and live my life, how I write songs and narratives.  Christian life and Biblical study for me at first was somewhat monastic, meditative in living a contemplative life. I still hold to this in my heart.    Moya Brennan, a Celtic Artist who is deeply involved with the necessity of prayer said once, QUOTE "Heal this land is a song talking about the amount of healing that is needed for this country and looking at how strong prayer is and it is really a prayer to God that he calm the waters, and if he can do that, he can heal this land (Ireland) as well."
Some of the words she says have to do with our children. QUOTE " They will be ashamed one time down the line if we don't get it together and this is a chance for us to do so"


HEAR MY PRAYER  by Moyra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_ERCu1jwsY
LYRICS                                          http://www.lyrictabs.com/Hear-My-Prayer-Chords-Lyrics-Moya-Brennan
HEAL THIS LAND  Moyra Brennan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmdn0JQkg_g

                                My Great Aunt Kitty's  Photo:  Banff  Alberta


DEAN BURGON : "He was the Dean of Chichester,born on August 21, 1813, in Smyrna, a province of Greece. He has been called "the champion of the impossible. His defenses against apostasy within his own church were remarkable and very brave. As far as the record is concerned, Westcott and Hort were silent in all the eleven church controversies in which Burgon found himself." Talk about being dragged into the center of his foes! It is interesting though because at the "age of seventy-three, two years before his death, Dean Burgon began writing his systematic defense of the Traditional Text of Scripture. It was to be a thorough going treatise on Biblical Textual Criticism in two volumes. He argued with himself before beginning:

"It will take a long time.
I know it.
The rest of your life.
I know it.
It will cost a great deal of money.
I know it
And you will never finish it.
I know it.
No one will ever appreciate it.
I know it.
I WILL DO IT!" but I say, MANY appreciate the studies he did, uncovering the mess of translations and a number of issues including the issue regarding the ending of Mark but it is still true that he was still right over-all. Few did appreciate what he did. But Dean Burgon was a determined man. He thought to himself, "Why don't I do for the whole New Testament what I have done for the Gospel of Mark?"

NOTE  This site is still under continual construction so data may be removed or changed from time to time to ensure accuracy. Several "glitches" and mixed up text has popped up from time to time so if you notice errors or have any suggestions or criticisms please say so on contact page.  I am not a textural critic on biblical scholarship, a "writer" or a musician but I share what I know and write what I can. What I offer is insight gained by my own experience. I am still a "student"  of life not an "expert"

       Canada, shaking
             out its dust

Stone Angel

Angels spoke and danced with me and gave a gift of speech that day. 

Upon the floor where Jesus stood and now they stand with Cherubim. 

Stone Angels, dance with me as Jesus speaks to many more. 

I see one in the courtyard still as many years before. D.C. 2011 

Go up to the Mountain


bring down  your Timber

Go up to the  Mountain


                                      bring your house